Monday, November 1, 2010

Little MAXX.. His own WORD's

My memories with Hilton

My name is Maxx - I am Hilton's 10 year old cousin. These are some of the words that describe Hilton when I think of him: adventurous, brave, and inspiring. When we went to Mont Cascade Water park I was too scared to go on the big black and yellow ride but Hilton helped me to ride all the other rides including the "Vortex" and "Black magic". Hilton has inspired me to be brave, be adventurous and be inspiring AND I mean every word I say. I will not joke on this matter. I love Hilton a lot. I really do wish that I would have more good, no great, no excellent, memories with Hilton.

I really really really really really really thought Hilton was going to make it out. I seriously feel that I have a heart that... well...just...BROKE. Every night now I pray that he will be happy where he is right now. I think Hilton lived a good life because he had the best family ever! and Hilton always will! I am glad I got to visit Hilton at the hospital before he died. Even though I did not see him it felt good to be there for him. I believe that the snow we had on Halloween was from Hilton because it lasted one day and because Hilton was a terrific snowboarder and skier (Hilton taught me some moves one time at Mont Tremblant).

I wish I was brave enough to cry.

by Maxx Gausrab

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