Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gathering at the condo:

Hey hilti

Today julie , dan , alex, georg, kat, kellie and I all got in kellies truck and headed to the condo to clean up.

We laugh so hard in the truck making fun of people that you like to make fun of... Then we all started to cry like idiots.... Until kellie almost rear ended this bus.... The we all shit our pants....
When we got to the condo, our goal was picking up stuff,
your knot blanket,( ya know the one rich and moria made for you when you were a baby),
the deck the boys made and side for you to ride once you recovered,
the pooh bear autograph that john and ann brought back....

All the little slips of paper and notes with numbers , the cards...

It was one of the most un comfortable times...

Even though st. Mikes was a shitty experience , cleaning up from the disaster has been worse....

Taking things away from the condo, stop my breathing for a second, unfair to think my buddy was not coming home, I could not swallow, it felt hot in the room, uneasy, kellie was distressed, he get quiet and a furrow on her brow... Made me even more uneasy about the task at hand,

The huge drake poster was gone.... we had made jokes about drake for the last 25 days and now he was gone too.. Life is moving,
my sister said* Einstein was quoted:
"life is like a bike you have to keep moving forward to stay balanced".....

I feel like I fell off my bike today..

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