Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leeann Lake. A Stadia Widow...

In 1988 I met Hiltons Dad, Tim. Ours is an ongoing story and one my whole family has cherished over the last 2 decades. I was 18 years old and Tims Family ran the glass company in Aurora. My Father, Rodney, had left a long time postion at Dixon Pencil as a forman and was looking for a new direction. The Byrne Glass company took a chance on him and that is where our story starts. They hired my father and after a year, the company was no longer(a year in my dads life meaning ) Tim and his brothers, after careful thought..Decided to embark on an adventure of thier own, and with that decision took my father with them. STADIA was born. I remember my dad thinking how all his bosses were no older than his daughter ..but being a trooper he stuck it out.For years my dad was known in loving contex as the OFW when Stadia was created.(OFW=Only Fucking Worker) In 1989 I was pregnant, and Tims wife Penny too was expecting..It was very exciting for both of our families to know a new addition would soon be on the way..Rodney to be a granddad..and tim to be a DAd. In may of 1990 Hilton Alexander made his gracious appearance, and in July of that same year I delivered a beautiful baby girl, Amber. I still to this moment recall visits in early fall of 1990 with both wee ones in car seats at Rod and Audreys place in Newmarket, chewing the fat and enjoying each others company . And never.. since those days.. moments havnt gone by that each family didnt genuinely care about the other. Which brings me to why Im writing this . Tim Byrne has been a rock , a strength in any situation, and over the years has passed on some wonderful traits to Hilton.In what seems like a blink of an eye Hilton had grown into a strong determined man who could open doors and solve his problems, who could be diligent yet compasionate the list of perfect traits could go on and on. When Tim wanted anything..he forged forward and got it, and He passed that on to Hilton..Fear was and is not in the vocabulary and the strength and perserverence is not to be reckened with. Yet, in the face of all adversary, they remain strong and dignified and poised and give what is needed to get thru a situation. I remember 15 years ago..My mother came to me and said.." I wonder if theres a place to get a shirt made?" I asked why..she replyed..I wanna get a shirt with STADIA WIDOWS CLUB on the front... I laughed so hard..UNTILL..6 years ago..MY husband joined the Stadia team..and I thought..where the hell can I get that shirt printed up...??But as a family together weve grown up with Tim ..and Hilton and his brothers and sisters and all the kids, and we know what drives Tim, and his excitement to pass on that drive to all around him, including his children. Hilton had the passion, to do what seemed right and what felt good and that is so much more than many of us get to experience in a whole lifetime. This, in 21 the first time I know Tim wasnt strong enough to get through ( nor any one else in the family)..and I want to hug each and every one of you and tell you...Thats whats supposed to happen..your NOT suposed to know what to say, or do or feel and its ok..Now is your time to reflect and hold each other, and set differences aside and know that no matter how unfair it seems that his time with you was not nearly long enough, you did the job you were asked by God to do.You gave your son the tools to be responsible, and diligent, accountable and loving.You loved him with all of your hearts and he in turn carried on a legacy built by father and given to son.You showed him the rewards of painstakingly hard work and gave him the oppertunity to enjoy life. To do the extreame yet be the compassionate soul.
My personal Thanks is always in order for you and your family for being there for us..At every wedding and baby being born, Through Sick Kids hell with Ella to Eugenes Cancer diagnosis last year.You and Hilton worked so hard to put together the lawn sale and silent auction for our make sure we got thru Christmas with all our wee ones, That Eugenes cancer drugs are covered..You've been a light at the end of a very dark tunnel..You and Hilton( I Know he helped with that) I want to tell you Im proud of youfor instilling these beautiful giving qualities in your son and know that even though you have no answers, That God has a very special place for Hilton, and in his heart..God thanks you for doing such a wonderful job instilling the qualities that you posses in your son.My words will never make the pain go away, Nor could I ever possibly know what it is to loose a child, But please know that we love you, and we are here to help youget thru this..If you wanna yell, scream ,cry, or anything..Our Whole family will always be here for you..just as you've always been here for us.We love you Tim..and all of your family and pray everyday for healing and understanding.

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