Monday, November 1, 2010

Mel... New relationship....

To: The Byrne Family.

I am at a loss of words to describe to Hilton. From the first day I entered Stadia, I remember Tim during one of his speeches telling me that at STADIA everyone is like family. It was a sentiment that I often heard repeated by Hilton. During this difficult time I truly came to understand that sentiment as I entered the waiting room and saw all the family members and friends supporting the Byrne Family. Many will remember Hilton as being a friendly and concerned individual. I remember him as someone who lived up to the standards that God demands from us all. He was a funny, kind and caring person to be around. Even though he is not around us, every time I meet someone who is positive and as motivated as him I will recall his name .Even though his physical presence has been taken away from us his memories will suffice.

To Tim, Kellie, Penny Kat and Georg my prayers and thoughts are with you as you go through this difficult time in your lives.

~With my deepest sympathy,

Melissa. C.

When those we love go away, they never really leave us;
they are with us now, wherever we are.
Those whom we have cherished, live on forever,
for love wraps itself around the heart.
Although it's difficult now,
someday beyond our tears and all the world's wrongs;
beyond the clouds and all that we can see and touch,
we shall all understand. ~Anonymous

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