Monday, November 8, 2010

What I know about hilton ( I'm struggling)

I know hilton had a stand off -ish attitude. Toward many

He came across angry,



He did not cry...
Unless he thought he failed...

He loved to win,
He would not try to beat other people , his victories, against his opponents.... was himself...

He did not respect anyone that let him down.. And the definition of " let him down" was his own....

He was sarcastic,

He loved to giggle

He love hanging out in the kitchen, and just talking an cooking

Holidays were his favourite time of year, all those people in and out of the house...

He was smart

He had a great vocabulary

He love to work hard, like a bull in a china shop...

He was cocky

He protected you

He has such a monty python sense of humour.

He was tall and slim

He had a look all his own..

He loved being bugged , pinch here, a poke...

He would borrow stuff and keep it

And deny he took it , only to find it in his room

He always said I love you,,,

And a gain that loyalty,,

He was so loyal...

He was a dynamic person who should have never died...

I love you


1 comment:

  1. Tim

    he was you in miniature;
    you could always be a bigger @#$*

    not often do I see a kid his age that can have an opinion and have and have the balls to back it up.

    Hilton always did

    I miss him too